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SICM Features


SICM is a tool to monitor, graph and alert the capacity of computing devices and applications. SICM runs on a Windows or Linux device on your network, 24 hours every day and constantly records the capacity parameters of any networked device using snmp, ping or custom modules. Recorded data is stored for later reference via a user friendly menu-driven web browser. E-mail alerts are raised if a user determined number of queries or thresholds fail.


  • Written in Perl
  • Tested on Win32 (Win2000/2003 and XP) using IIS web server with Perl 5.8
  • Tested on Win32 (Win2000/2003 and XP) using Apache 2 web server with Perl 5.8
  • Tested on Linux RedHat 9 and Fedora Core 3 with Apache 2 web server and Perl 5.8
  • Easily ported to other operating systems
  • Tested on:
    • Linux Mozilla 1.2,
    • Linux and Windows Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and 1.5,
    • Windows IE 5 and IE 6 browsers
  • Query each target and each template at a different frequency


  • Menu driven
  • View daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs
  • One click to view log file
  • Visual alert indicator, visible on all web pages
  • Automatic browser refresh
  • Align display left or center


  • Using templates, configure multiple metrics per graph
  • Configure graphs using color, line width, area and stacking
  • Display daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs
  • Graphs display current, average and maximum values
  • Configure horizontal lines on the graph to show average, maximum or 95th percentile values
  • Configure a fixed value horizontal line on the graph
  • Set the displayed maximum and minimum values of the graph


  • Ping any device and graph the minimum, average and maximum round trip response times


Query any snmp OID, including:

  • Interfaces and sub-interfaces (Ethernet, Frame Relay, IP, errors, dropped packets, etc)
  • Host resources (cpu, memory, disks, etc)
  • Applications (mail, web, database, etc)
  • Appliances (print servers, UPS, SAN, NAS, etc)
  • Standard and device dependent snmp socket

Custom Modules

Query anything using a module. Build your own module. Examples include:

  • Apache statistics
  • MySQL performance
  • TCP ports (ftp, http, smtp, telnet, etc)
  • custom snmp modules
  • SICM provides %ip_address%, %community% and %interface% as optional variables for the modules


  • Alerts via e-mail upon a predetermined number of query failures or thresholds
  • Users are alerted to query failures via the web interface
  • Option to alert if a query value fails a criteria test (eg: free disk space < 10%)
  • Option to e-mail alerts on a device by device basis

Installation and Operation

  • Easy to install (Perl + RRDtool + SICM)
  • Easily configurable using XML files
  • Use test and verbose modes for easy diagnosis
  • Install as a service


  • GPL License
SICM v0.95 Copyright 2003-2006 Thomas Price